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Elementor Market makes it easier for you to build Elementor websites by crafting premade, ready-to-use Elementor templates for your everyday web design use.

Founder's Story

My dad often told me as a youngster that I had the business mind in the family. I took that to heart. For as long as I can remember I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to be financially independent so that I could do more of what I love, like build things I’m passionate about and spend more time with the people I love.

I built my first business in my college dorm room, designing custom clothing under the name Padigs. My fiancée at the time (now my wonderful wife) helped me in this venture. My wife’s grandmother taught us how to use a sewing machine; we invested in our own and began stitching together various fabrics on t-shirts and hats, selling them on eBay and Etsy. We sold most of the product we created, but we quickly learned that this was not our passion.

Our next business was a media service that sold graphics, effects, and PowerPoint templates. This business required having a well designed website, which we couldn’t afford at the time; I got into web design out of necessity. I learned how to develop full scale websites after watching hours of tutorials, and building and rebuilding our own site. We started and ran this business successfully for about two years before realizing that, yet again, this wasn’t something we saw ourselves doing long term.

It was after building a few more websites for friends and family that I left my day job. I began taking contracts developing websites using Elementor. Often times I found myself searching on Google for Elementor templates to help expedite my workflow, only to find my search coming up short. I built my own templates for personal use on client projects, helping to speed up my workflow and in turn allowing me to finish projects faster. After a month of building and collecting my own templates, I realized how useful it could be to others if I shared these resources. This sparked the idea for Elementor Library. 

Our goal with Elementor Market is to build the largest Elementor template library available on the web to empower others to build amazing websites faster, in turn giving them more time to do the things they love.

Joshua Mayo, Founder and Lead Designer